Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Adarsh Gives Pada Puja to Amma, Then Cute Kittens.

Dreamed that I was at this Amma program. I and about 200 other Amma devotees (all dressed in white) were sitting outside on the grass. Some places didn't have grass; just bare red dirt. It was a nice sunny day with a nice blue sky. Then someone said "OK, Amma is coming out now." Then Amma came out and walked toward the group. Then the tall Dutch guy Adarsh was standing in front of Amma. He held up his hands together and some water dripped out onto Amma's feet. He was doing pada puja to Amma (ritual devotional washing of the guru's feet). Then Amma took some of the water into her own hands. Then she went and sat on her peetham (raised platform) in front of all the devotees. At first I was sitting farther back in the crowd but I got up and moved closer. I was sitting on Amma's right side. I could see Amma pretty well; nice. I had to adjust my left leg so I wasn't touching the guy in front of me. Then a western guy stood up and introduced Amma by singing a short funny song. Then near the guy we all saw 2 cute adorable little kittens. Amma was in a good mood; smiling and gazing at everyone there.