Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Crazy Zen Teacher

Dreamed that I was watching this crazy young Western Zen teacher. He was wearing gray and black robes. He was leading a meditation retreat and was constantly harassing and shouting at his students to meditate harder and to be really hungry for awakening. At one point, the teacher took his senior students into another room while leaving the beginner students in the main room. The teacher then continued to harass the senior students like a crazy wisdom teacher. Some of the senior students were reflecting the drama of the teacher by acting wild themselves; rolling around and shouting. Then I was sitting right in front of the teacher looking at his face. The teacher was still ranting but I was trying to just look at him calmly to show that I was untouched by all his drama. I was testing myself to see if I could stay centered around him. The teacher called himself a "jailbreaker" to indicate he was trying to free his students. We both were eating some sweet peanut and popcorn snack.