Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Being Tested by a Male Guru

Dreamed that I was with a male guru who was asking me to do all kinds of weird and unusual things. Like at one point I was driving a big recreational vehicle (RV) and he asked me to drive it down a staircase. I said "Sure. Why not? You're the guru." My attitude in the dream was to just do whatever the guru told me. The staircase had some 90 degree turns and somehow I drove this big RV down the stairs. It was kind of bumpy but I made it down.

At another point he requested that I make him some hot tea every evening and he created all kinds of leelas and obstacles around this task. Whenever I tried to make the tea some kind of weird situation would arise and I would just have to accept it and keep trying. I knew it was all just the guru testing me.

I was feeling some love and devotion for this guru. But it seemed pretty clear that he was not Amma. I had the clear feeling to do whatever he told me without asking why.