Friday, January 28, 2011

Putting Up Fences for Amma.

Dreamed that I had the job to put up some fences along Amma's property line. The property line ran along a country road. Then I was standing in the line for Amma darshan and I was going to give a little gift to Amma. Then some guy in line asked me "Did you ask Amma for permission before you put up the fences?" I slapped my forehead and said "Oh no! I forgot!" Then I thought the only thing I could do was come clean with Amma and tell Her about my mistake. When I got to Amma for my darshan I said "Amma, I forgot to get Your permission before putting up the fences. I'm so sorry." Amma said "OK, no problem, don't worry about it. Don't forget to put up this other fence in this other area." Amma was kind and forgiving and it felt wonderful to be in Her arms. Amma looked like an attractive young Western lady.