Sunday, February 01, 2009

Amma not wanting Prasad from Devotees

Dreamed that Amma was giving out prasad to devotees and all the devotees were lining up to get it. Some of the devotees were trying to give some of the prasad to Amma but She was gently refusing it. She would turn Her head away when they offered her a spoonful of prasad. The devotees touched the spoon of prasad to Amma's forehead and tried to pour some on to Her. While the devotees were trying to give the prasad to Amma I was thinking "Hey, don't bother Amma. Don't try to give Her the prasad if She doesn't want it." Amma appeared to be a little sad that Her devotees kept bugging Her to take prasad. Amma was wearing a green Devi Bhava outfit.