Friday, January 09, 2015

Amma Fire Walk and Marriage Premonition.

Dreamed that Vishakh and I were kind of sleepy and we were laying down. (Vishakh is a friend of mine here at Amritapuri; we both work in the waste management dept.) Vishakh was telling me about how Amma went to a Fire Walk. They asked Amma to walk over the hot coals and Amma said "No, no. That's not for me." Then Amma said "OK, ok, I'll walk over the coals." I could see Amma from behind standing in the darkness with the hot coals spread out on the ground in front of her. It felt like she was in a dark forest at night. Amma was dressed in her usual white saree. I then got the feeling Amma was praying to Agni (the god of fire in Hindu mythology). I was having a hard time staying awake listening to Vishakh telling this story. Finally he went to bed. Then I felt something touch the inside of my elbows and a voice said "You will get married soon." This created a feeling a fear and a buzzing in my body. I woke up afraid that someone was in the room. I wanted to ask Vishakh how the story ended but he was asleep and I didn't want to wake him up. I never did see Amma walk over the coals.

Comment: A Fire Walk is an event where they spread some hot coals on the ground and people walk over it in order to overcome fear and have spiritual transformations. They were popular in the 1990's.