Friday, December 12, 2014

Semi-Lucid Dream and Calling for Amma.

Had lots of lucid and semi-lucid dreaming this morning. At one point I dreamed I was floating around at a place where lots of stuff was happening. Then I floated to the floor (brownish carpet) and I started to chant "Amma, Amma." Then a couple of really friendly dogs came and we started playing. We were having a good time and I was smiling and happy. Then the lucid dream started again phase 2: I said "Amma, Amma." again and then some kids came and we started to play and have fun. I was floating around and really enjoying the feeling of floating (usually in my semi-lucid dreams I'll be floating around). One of the kids started to tickle my feet and I was laughing and laughing. It would be great if I could remember to call out "Amma, Amma." in all my dreams.

(Comment: This is the first pleasant dream I've had in a while. For a while most of my remembered dreams have been dark and emotionally unpleasant.)