Saturday, August 23, 2014

Helping Amma with Paperwork.

Dreamed that I was with Amma in her large main office. Amma was sitting behind her large wooden desk and I was sitting opposite helping her with some paperwork. Amma was filling out forms and wearing her usual bright white saree. Amma was in a quiet happy mood. At one point Amma gave me some cash and told me to go downstairs and get some change. As I was walking out of her office I looked back at Amma and I was feeling lots of love for her and appreciation for the chance to work directly with her. I then turned to my right and then turned right again to a big wide staircase that had dark green carpet. I kind of floated down the stairs which was fun. At the bottom of the stairs I turned left and left again. I went thru the door to another office area with people working at their desks doing clerical work. I noticed some pictures of Jesus on the walls. One guy was at his desk eating a big lunch.