Saturday, May 10, 2014

Amma Holding Me.

Dreamed that I was talking to someone and Amma came up and put her right arm around me so that her right shoulder was against my right shoulder. Her right arm went over my belly to my left side. Amma's head rested on my right shoulder. I started to cry because of my frustration of being trapped in my ego. Felt good to cry. Amma was dressed in her usual white saree.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Flying to Amma and then Witnessing Chaos.

Dreamed I was in this big house and I wanted to get outside so I could go flying thru the sky. I was upstairs walking thru a large room filled with lots of cardboard boxes. The I saw a door on my right side. I went thru the door and was standing on a high small balcony overlooking a courtyard and other stone buildings. I wanted to jump off and go flying and for a split second I was scared of jumping but I ignored the fear, immediately jumped and started flying. At first I floated to the ground. While on the ground I reached my arms up and strongly desired to go flying again. I then flew way way up high! Cool! I was about a mile up in the air flying around looking down at the ground. The ground was covered with solid green forest with some large rivers and lakes. I spent some time flying around and really enjoying the view and the floating feeling.

Then I floated down to a riverbank and Amma was there. I was with Amma for some time gazing at her lovingly and then we were holding each other and feeling the bliss being close to each other. Very nice! Amma had very dark skin.

Then the dream shifted and I was in this place with chaotic things happening like fireworks explosions and people running around in a chaotic way. I was feeling disappointed about being away from Amma and the wonderful flying experience. But I thought to myself "OK, let me just be with this. Let me see all this chaos as just the Divine Will of the Supreme Consciousness." I was feeling anxious but another part of me was just witnessing the chaos.