Sunday, July 01, 2012

Amma with Cube Mirror and Rocket Launch

Dreamed that I was at an Amma program. I was holding a large rolled up poster and I went up to a screen and hung up the poster. The poster had unusual pictures of Amma. In one picture Amma was swinging her head forward and it made her hair look like a mohawk haircut. In another Amma was seated next to a cube-shaped mirror and the facets of the mirror showed different distorted and surrealistic images of Amma.

Then the dream shifted and a group of us were with Amma on a rocket launch pad. A rocket was supposed to lift off soon but it was raining lightly and the sky was all gray. Amma walked out into the rain and started softly talking to herself. It seemed she was talking to the spirits of the sky, clouds and rain. Then another Indian woman with thick hair went out to join Amma and they walked around together in the drizzle. It seemed like they were good friends. They rest of us somehow knew to leave them alone and just watch. Amma was wearing dark red western style clothes.

Comment: It's unusual for me to remember two Amma dreams within a few days of each other.