Sunday, January 13, 2008

Amma Gives Me Pappadams

Dreamed that it was a nice sunny day and I saw Amma standing near me. She had a big smile, as usual. I walked up to Her and She gave me 3 big pappadams (they're a crunchy fried snack popular in India). When I took the pappadams I had the thought I should not eat them myself but should give them away. I walked around a found a young boy about 9 years old and gave him the pappadams. It seemed the boy had autism or something like that.

Later in the dream I and some other Amma devotees were in line to go into a room to see Amma. At one point I scooped up a bunch of Devi Bhava flower petals from the floor to offer to Amma. When we got to the room to where Amma was She had gone so I offered the flowers to the Amma alter that was there.

Note: "Devi Bhava" is when Amma gives hugs dressed as Goddess Devi in very colorful clothes with a shiny silver crown. At the end of Devi Bhava Amma throws flower petals on all the devotees, and some people scoop them up to save them.