Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Amma Examines the Air Ducts, Then Kisses Cheeks.

Dreamed that 2 Indian men wanted to sell some aluminum air ducts to Amma. Amma was sitting with one of her red Swamis when the 2 Indian men came by. Amma took one of the air ducts and started looking at it to see if it was sufficient quality and was good enough to purchase. Amma was being very practical and down to earth. The Swami did not think Amma should spend time on the air ducts but he kept quiet. It was a sunny day.

I felt good seeing Amma being practical and carefully scrutinizing the air ducts.

Then the 2 Indian men turned into 2 cats. The cats were happy and were sniffing each other's butts (as cats sometimes like to do). Another female Amma devotee was with me (she was dressed in a white saree like Amma wears). I said to her "The two cats are sniffing each other's butts. That means they think Amma will purchase the air ducts and they're happy." I said this as a joke.

Then I started looking deeply into Amma's eyes and I became entranced. At first Amma's eyes were a light brown, then they morphed into different designs like colorful mandalas. I felt wonderful looking into her eyes! I had my left arm around the shoulders of the female devotee and I felt nice feelings of friendship. Then Amma leaned in and gave us a kiss on the cheeks. Wonderful!