Friday, June 01, 2007

Right Next to Amma

Dreamed that I was sleeping but somehow I was also conscious. Someone came into the room and called me to get up, but I couldn't move. I was sleep paralyzed. Finally I was able to force myself awake. Then I was walking outside toward a large meeting hall where an Amma program was happening. It was early morning and still a little dark. As I was walking toward the hall I ran into Sanatan and then Jagadish and gave them both a quick Hello. (Sanatan and Jagadish are two good friends who are also strong Amma devotees.) Then I was in the program hall and there were lots of people inside. I walked toward the front where Amma was sitting. It was kind of dark in the hall. There was a line waiting for darshan and I thought I would have to wait in line. Then, to my surprise, the line kind of faded away and I was able to walk right up to Amma. I was very happy to see that I could sit right next to Amma! I kneeled down on the floor on Amma's left side. I was very happy and filled with lots of devotion. I reached out with both hands and touched Amma. I was saying "Amma! Amma!" with lots of devotion. Amma was wearing beige pants and a western style blouse that was colored dark green, brown and beige. It looked like a tropical design shirt. At one point another guy came up and also started to express his devotion. Then the dream suddenly shifted and I was walking outside. I got the feeling Amma shifted me outside because I had been right next to Her long enough. I was a little disappointed.