Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Amma Please Guide Me

Dreamed that I was at an Amma center with a number of large and small buildings. Amma was sitting outside on the ground with a few devotees around Her. The ground was a little bit gravelly with red hard packed dirt. The ground sloped downwards right behind us. The sky was a clear bright blue. One guy was sitting on Amma's left side and then a space opened up next to him and I sat there. I aksed the guy on my left to scoot over a little (he was sitting on a blue cushion). The guy on my right was talking with Amma and She was responding in a soft voice. I was wondering why Amma didn't have a microphone. Then Amma leaned forward a little to look at me and I looked at Her and touched Her waist. Amma was wearing a dark shirt and maroon colored pants. She gave me a quick hug. In my mind I was saying "Amma, please guide me. Please guide me. Thank You for everything." Amma could clearly hear my thoughts. She gave me a very compassionate look and I started to cry. It felt wonderful to look into Amma's eyes. I could see that Amma was really empathizing with my emotions. This was a really wonderful dream.