Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dream Holding Dadaji's Hand

Dreamed that I was in this large waiting room like at a train station or something. I was sitting sideways on a bench and I was crying. I was feeling sad that I was feeling stuck in my body and feeling very identified with my body-mind. I was holding my head in my left hand. Then I heard someone come up behind me and say something like "Dadaji is here." I then held out my right hand over my right shoulder and (without turning around) held Dadaji's hand for a few moments while I was crying.

Commentary. A few hours before this dream I had visited a web site devoted to Dadaji (1910-1992) who was a mystic from Bengal, India (I had never heard of him before today). He was not very well known and he traveled around the world in his later years giving spiritual satsang to small groups in India, Europe and America. His message was very simple "God and Divine Love are already inside you. No need to seek for them. Just remember God." Web site is Also, I have a cold so I've been feeling pretty miserable physically with lots of congestion, muscle aches and very low energy.