Sunday, September 08, 2013

Amma and Yoga Demonstration

Dreamed that I was in an auditorium and Amma was going to give a program soon. Some guy near me named "Martin" was talking too loudly. Then the stage door slid open to reveal Amma dressed in her usual white sari sitting on the right side of the stage. Then this western woman (WW) with dirty blonde curly hair was sitting on stage facing the audience in meditation posture on Amma's right hand side. WW was dressed in black tight stretch yoga pants and a light blue t-shirt. WW was speaking about how she would go into samadhi and meditative trances while doing yoga. Then WW demonstrated some yoga poses like the Downward Dog (DD) and Cobra poses. During one of the DD poses I saw that WW no longer was wearing her shirt. She had small breasts and I was looking at her right side in profile.

Then somehow I was sitting on the stage near Amma facing Amma. It felt very nice to be close to Amma. The WW was still talking and demonstrating yoga poses. Then I was also doing the DD pose and Amma was looking at us both. Then the stage door slid open again. Then Amma asked me "Who was that guy talking silly back in the audience?" I said "I think it was Martin." Then the WW sat close to Amma and started speaking in Malayalam (Amma's native language). I was surprised that WW could speak Malayalam. It felt very nice to be close to Amma.