Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Amma helps Gerry.

Dreamed that I was having lunch with my old friend Gerry S. He looked very ill and he was talking about taking his own life because he was so ill. Gerry's skin was unusually dark. As Gerry and I were talking I was aware that Amma was next door also having lunch. We walked over to where Amma was. As we approached the door to where Amma was having lunch, She appeared in the doorway walking towards me and Gerry. Amma looked like a ghost; blurry and indistinct. As She was approaching me I was wondering if it was really Amma. Then She gave me a nice hug and I knew it was really Her. I felt happy to be near Amma. Then Amma gave Gerry a hug, took his hand and started talking to him. I got the feeling Amma was helping Gerry handle the transition of leaving his body.

(Comment: Gerry was a good friend of mine back in the days when I worked at Ft. Belvoir, VA. Gerry left his body (died) in 2001.)

(Comment: Yesterday I was at a friend's house helping him with his computer. While I was there, the sister of my friend called to tell him that their father had recently gone into a coma. 2 hours later my friend called me to say his father had left his body (died).)