Thursday, February 08, 2018

Talking One on One with Amma

Dreamed that I was with a group of Amma devotees in a room. I was sitting in the front of the group and Amma was sitting nearby. Amma then told me to sit close to her and she started giving me a lot of spiritual advice. I wish I could remember it! At various points as Amma was talking to me she appeared as some kind of mechanical box like an old radio from the 1930's. At other times she looked like Amma. At one point I was looking into her eyes and feeling lots of devotion and feeling the strength of her spiritual power. It was kind of overwhelming. I was also aware that everyone else in the room was looking at me having this close talk with Amma. A part of me was uncomfortable about this but my ego was happy to be getting the attention.

At one point I told Amma that I always say the wrong things and this caused me to break up with Vera (a former girlfriend). I asked Amma if I should give up on trying to get a girlfriend and just focus on spirituality. I can't remember the answer clearly but I think she wanted me to focus on the spiritual life.

(Commentary: Last night before dinner I was sitting on stage as Amma was giving darshan. I had a very nice meditation while sitting there. It was the best meditation I had in a long time.)