Friday, March 08, 2013

Amma in Classroom.

Dreamed that I was in this retreat center classroom with about 15 other people. Amma was in the front of the room answering questions. She was dressed in her usual bright white saree and standing on the right side of the room. She was radiating a wonderful presence filled with love and peace. At one point someone said "When Amma talks about these things its kind of tasteless." It was like this person was insulting Amma. Everyone else in the room was really surprised and we all felt uncomfortable. But Amma didn't mind at all and just continued speaking. Then the class was over and I was collecting my stuff getting ready to leave (for some reason I was having a hard time getting all my stuff). I saw Amma standing alone and I wanted to go to her and perhaps get a hug. Then the dream shifted and I was walking down a large corridor with a little song playing in my head. The lyrics to the song were "I got to get up. Wake up. Get me a hug." It was a nice little melody.