Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Casual Time with Amma and "Tibet House" in NY.

Dreamed that some computers had overheated. I could see a rack of computers and some of them were smoking. Then I was with Amma and we were joking around about the overheated computers. It was nice to be having casual, personal time with Amma. Then I was just sitting near Her just enjoying Her presence. Then I had to get up and work on getting a vacuum hose put into a tube. Amma came by to look at me working. I was having a hard time getting the hose put in correctly. Then I was joking around with Amma and I said "Oh, Amma, You're better at this stuff than I am." It felt nice to be joking around with Amma.

Then later on I dreamed I was at Richard Gere's "Tibet House" in New York city. The Tibet House occupied the whole 100th floor of a tall building. I could see the city stretching off into the distance when I looked out the windows. The place was a Tibet Buddhist paradise. Lots of Tibetan monks walking around and talking. Also lots of rooms to meditate and talk about the Dharma. In one of the big meeting rooms there was a really large slowly spinning circular concrete bas-relief sculpture showing the Buddha and other Tibetan Buddhist images. There was also a slowly spinning restaurant with a great view of the city from 100 floors up.