Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Touching Amma's Feet

Dreamed that I was sitting on the floor not too far from Amma's chair. Amma came in and was standing close to me on my left side. She bowed to Her chair and then stood up. As She was standing up I was trying to touch Her feet. I really wanted to touch Her feet! She was wearing black socks and I did manage to touch Her feet. Then I saw my very good Amma friend Sanatan dressed like an Indian monk sitting right in front of Amma. I was asking him how he was always able to find a place up front and he said it was just his destiny. I was a little jealous. The hall seemed to be pretty crowded.

Then I was in the Amma cafeteria taking out the trash. Amma was seated nearby having a little lunch. The trash was pretty heavy and I was having a hard time getting it taken out. As I was struggling with the trash I was very aware that Amma was right there nearby.