Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Krishna Dream, 13 Feb 07.

Dreamed that I was in this big banquet hall with lots of tables, fancy glasses, vases with flowers, white table cloths and fancy silverware. I was sitting at a table with some other people. We were sampling different alcoholic drinks and they were all really, really delicious. I could feel myself getting a little drunk. At one point a young kid about 9 years old came and took one of my glasses. I took it back from him and he was mad but I didn't want the kid to think it was OK to take something without permission. Then the scene shifted and I was in a room next to the main hall. I was sitting down and another Indian lady was there standing up. Sitting in a chair nearby was Krishna! I was very excited to see Him. Krishna was dressed in simple clothes; a plain white T-shirt and plain, dark pants. He looked like an average young man of about 25 or so. He had a strong chin (like Jay Leno), beautiful smile and a little bit of light blue color underneath His eyes. (Traditionally, Krishna is depicted with blue skin all over.) I just wanted to stare at Him; I was feeling lots of devotion. The Indian lady (who was kind of chubby) blocked my view at one point and I stretched to look around her so I could keep looking at Krishna. I felt very happy to see Krishna. He was very self confident and peaceful. It seems He was waiting backstage before starting some kind of public program.


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