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7 Dec, 2006

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Dreamed that I was at this small Amma program. The women were on one side of the room and the men were on the other. All us devotees were dressed in white. Somehow I ended up near the front close to Amma's chair. Her chair was a wooden bench. Then Amma came in and sat down and sat down with Her legs crossed Indian style. She was wearing some dark green western style clothes with a skirt that came down to a little below Her knees. She was in a very blissful and wacky mood. She was swaying and laughing like She was drunk on bliss. Her hair was braided in lots of thin braids. I felt very lucky to be so close to Her. As She was swaying around Her skirt would creep up above Her knees and some of Her white underwear would show. I was embarrassed at this but Amma didn't seem to care. Then Amma came and gave me a hug! It felt wonderful! As She was hugging me, She whispered something I couldn't understand. Then in very clear English, She suddenly whispered "Move 2 feet to your left." I was a little surprised. To my left was a chair. I quickly moved it out of the way and I moved there. Then the dream shifted and I was standing with another attractive Caucasian female devotee in front of a puja table. The female devotee had pieces of shiny gold in her hair. The female devotee gave me a metal cup that I would be using in the upcoming puja ceremony that Amma would be leading. The female devotee asked me if it was OK if Amma poured some of the puja water on me. I replied that would be no problem at all! I felt very honored that Amma was letting me participate in the ceremony and I was thinking what a blessing it would be to have Amma pour puja water on me. I was also looking forward to getting another hug from Amma later on.

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