Wednesday, October 18, 2006

18 Oct 06, Wednesday

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Dreamed I was at this big Amma program in a big fancy building with grand stairs and big ballrooms and chandeliers. I was dressed in a fancy suit. I was helping to carry these clear glass vases that were holding decorative flowers. One of the vases was leaking and I was trying to hold it so the water wouldn't spill on me. I was walking down the grand stairs with someone else who was also holding a vase. The ceilings were really high. As we were walking outside I saw Amma to my right giving darshan with lots of people around Her. I really wanted to stop and be with Amma, but I had to finish my job with the vases. In a kind of telepathic way, Amma asked me "What are your words now?" I started to think and figured the best reply would be to say "I want to love and serve everyone." Then we were outside and we dropped off the vases. I felt a little sad that I didn't get to get close to Amma.

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