Saturday, October 14, 2006

14 October 2006

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Dreamed that I was in this small white room in a hospital building. Amma walks into the room and sits at the table with a young Indian man. Amma is wearing western clothes; a dark blue shirt and skirt. The skirt came down to Her knees. After seeing Amma, I immediately feel this big wave of devotion and I go up and fall into Her hug. As I'm getting hugged I feel wonderful, like I haven't seen Her in a long time and I'm saying "Oh, Amma, oh, Amma" with lots of feeling. Then I bow down and put my forehead on Her feet. Amma is wearing dark blue high heeled shoes. After a minute or two, Amma takes her feet and She pushes the high heel supports into the upper left side of my back (at this point I'm not wearing any shirt). I feel the posts digging into my muscles. It kind of hurts but it also feels good like getting a strong massage. I have this feeling that Amma is drawing out some of my negative karma by doing this. The Indian guy sitting at the table seems to say "Hey Amma, don't press so hard on him." But I'm thinking "Don't stop, Amma, I need this." Then I step back and Amma is in a silly and playful mood. Amma gets up and does a silly little dance while laughing and smiling. While She's dancing, She playfully lifts up Her skirt and she's wearing a modest white slip underneath. Very innocent and playful. While She's dancing, the Indian guy is making silly noises. At this time I want to make a lighthearted joke about a hospital being a good place for crazy people like you guys. But then Amma sits down and this other big tall Indian guy comes in (he's wearing a western style red plaid shirt). Then the two Indian guys are talking in quiet voices like they're telling Amma that She needs to go to the next program.

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