Sunday, February 04, 2007

Amma Dream 4 Feb 07.

Dreamed that I was with my Dad in some kind of hotel lobby. Nearby were some stairs and I saw Amma standing on the stairs with some other devotees. Amma was dressed in orange robes and She was affectionately rubbing the back of the female devotee in front of Her. I was feeling very envious because I wanted to receive Amma's affection and darshan. Amma's skin was a light color and Her hair was light brown. Then the scene shifted and Amma was standing near me & my Dad. I reached out to hold Amma's hand and give it a quick kiss. As I was giving Amma's hand a kiss I was wondering what my Dad was thinking about all this devotion. I wanted to get a hug, but Amma looked at me with a sweet smile that said "I wish I could stay but I have to go now." I felt sad but I told Amma its OK for Her to leave; I would be all right. I felt a little disappointed.



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