Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Amma Dream 26 Dec 06

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Dreamed that I was sitting on a red sofa in front of Amma and She was a little bit to my left side. Amma was giving a hug to someone as usual. After the hug, Amma sat on the floor in front of Her chair which was also red. When I saw Amma sitting on the floor I noticed that She looked very young, sweet and innocent and She seemed smaller than usual. Two young African-American boys were sitting on my right hand side. They were helping out around the ashram and they had helped me with something earlier. My friend Pam was sitting right next to me on my left. Pam gave me a hug and I said something like "Since we're with Amma, its OK for us to hug each other." My friend Dave was sitting next to Pam. In particular I noticed that Pam's hair was curly. Seeing Amma sitting on the floor, I said "Amma's all alone and She should be hugging someone!" Amma heard me and then She patted the floor in front of Her indicating that we could come down and get a hug. Then Amma turned around and bowed to Her chair. I reached out and touched the carpet where Amma's feet had been. Then I touched my hands to my heart and forehead.

Home - http://www.ammadreams.blogspot.com


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