Saturday, December 16, 2006

16 Dec 06.

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Dreamed I was at this small Amma program. It was Devi Bhava and Amma was dressed in a royal blue sari giving darshan to the last remaining devotees. There weren't too many people in the room, maybe a hundred or so. I saw lots of empty chairs. I was standing next to one of the entrance doors not too far from Amma's left hand side. Amma's sari only came down to a little bit below Her knees. Amma was in a very loving and playful mood, joking with Her devotees and being very loving and sweet. At one point Amma changed position and had to pull down Her sari below Her knees. Then an Indian woman in an orange sari sat on Amma's lap. It seemed that this was the last person to get a hug. I was thinking of going to get a hug myself, but I didn't because I knew I would get a hug later on. Unlike my usual Amma dreams, I did not feel a lot of strong emotion in this dream. It felt good to be close to Amma, but I didn't feel the really strong devotion like in my other Amma dreams.

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