Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Amma Dream 1 Jan 07

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Dreamed that I with my family and my older brother Tim and Amma was there sitting on a sofa in her usual white saris. Tim asked me to help him out with payroll and I told him its been a while since I've done payroll. Then Amma turned into a big dog that looked just like like Kala (Kala is a big dark colored boxer dog owned by my good Amma friend Jagadish). I was feeling devotion toward Amma. I wanted to touch Amma and pet her. Amma (as the dog) pushed my hand away and said "Why didn't you help out with payroll?" Amma was disappointed with me. I said that the payroll procedures may have changed and I may no longer know how to do it correctly. Earlier in the dream Tim called Amma "Daddy". I was glad that my family was accepting Amma and liked Her.

(Comment: The previous day I was wearing a T-shirt which has a nice photo of Amma on it. My stepmom Marilyn (who has Alzheimer's) was commenting effusively about how she really liked Amma's smile and how (in the picture) Amma seemed to be filled with love. I was pleasantly surprised at how much Marilyn liked the picture.)

Home - http://www.ammadreams.blogspot.com


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