Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Amma Dream, 6 Feb 07, Tuesday.

I had this really wonderful Amma dream. I dreamed I was walking thru this hospital building with a stethescope around my neck. Some people thought I was a doctor but I said that someone just wanted me to deliver the stethescope to this room. I then hung the stethescope up on a hook. Then I was walking down some stairs when I heard my older brother (Tim) calling me. He was walking with another woman (not his wife) and it seemed like they were more than casual friends. Tim gave me a quick "Hello" and then he had to leave. It seemed like he didn't want me to see him with his secret girlfriend. As they walked away I was looking at her butt. It was OK but nothing to write home about. Then the scene shifted and I was hanging up some of my clean clothes in a big hotel coat closet room. Some other guy was with me and we both went into the main hall. Amma was there sitting in front of everyone with a white shirt and black pants. The guy I was with went up to Amma and did a full prostration and Amma gave him some darshan. After he left I went up to Amma and She greatly surprised me by jumping up and down once and clapping Her hands with a really big smile. It was like She was overjoyed to see me. I was very happy and slightly embarrassed because everyone was watching. I prostrated in front of Amma. As Amma was lifting me back up I kissed both of Her hands and I also briefly rubbed Her ankles and feet. It felt VERY nice to express my love and devotion to Amma. Then Amma gave me a hug and and said to me in a very clear voice "I want you to get 12 chairs and put them on a rolling cart and put them in that room over there." Amma then indicated a storage room on the other side of the hall. I felt happy that Amma gave me clear instructions and I went to some of the program organizers and relayed Amma's instructions. They immediately moved to get the job done. Then I walked to a chair toward the back and sat down. I could feel some of the other devotees watching me. I made a conscious effort not to feel special so my ego wouldn't get puffed up (I have a really big and sneaky ego). I was still basking in the glow of Amma's darshan. After a little while I got up and started walking out. Then I remembered my stuff and went back to my chair where I had left my bag and sitting cushions.

Comment: This dream happened when I was sleeping in the altar room of my Amma friend Jagadsih. He does lots of sadhana there and there's lots of pictures of gods and gurus. I was visiting him for a few days at his place in Asheville, NC.

Comment: I wondered if this dream was in response to my previous Amma dream where Amma didn't have time to give me a hug...? I felt a little disappointed in that dream.


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