Saturday, August 11, 2007

Philosophy Exam, Oneness Bliss and Squishing Crickets

Dreamed that I was in this philosophy class. The chair I wanted to sit in was occupied but I just stood behind the chair and the person moved. The teacher was a male. He was introducing the final exam. Then the scene shifted and we were all sitting on the floor around the teacher. As he was introducing the final exam I went into this dreamy bliss state where I was deeply feeling the Oneness. At one point while in this state I saw this pattern of small black and white lines and pixels that seemed to be a visual representation of the Oneness. As the teacher was speaking I was thinking how philosophy was so small and irrelevant when compared to the infinite Oneness. Then the teacher handed out the exam and it had a child's drawing on it. The exam was to write a long philosophical essay about why the drawing was good. I was thinking that on the test I would just write something like "There is only the Oneness! But if I need to write more to pass the test, here is a bunch of blah blah blah philosophical mumbo-jumbo." While I was in the intense dreamy Oneness state, I was trying to be quiet and discreet so people wouldn't catch on to what I was really feeling. Then the feeling of Oneness got so intense I said "There is only the Oneness!" in a loud dreamy voice. Then I thought "Oh well, the cat is out of the bag. Now everyone knows." The teacher asked me "What is the secret?" and in a dreamy spaced-out voice I replied "This! This! There is only This!"

Then I was with this guy who was making some food and he had some leftovers. I was going to ask for the leftovers but then I thought "No, if God wants me to have them, He'll give them to me." Then I saw a cricket in the sink and I immediately squished it. I felt some guilt about this and wondered if it was OK to squish it. The other guy was going to use the cricket in his recipe.


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