Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Amma Knows Everything

Dreamed that I was at this Zen center somewhere in the mountains. It looked like the area around the Amma ashram in San Ramon, CA. Adam Friend (a very nice guy I met at Amma's Kerala India ashram) was there and he was a more advanced Zen student than me. He was wearing white and gray Zen robes. I remember seeing this wise Asian bald male Zen master dressed in traditional Zen master robes. Adam answered a koan from the Zen master and the master was pleased with the answer. The Zen master had a beautiful smile (he was either Korean or Japanese). Adam and I got up early in the morning to drive to the Amma program happening nearby. I remember looking at the mountains in the early morning light. Then the dream shifted and I was playing this big drum at the Amma program. Amma was up on stage and I was sitting close to the stage. Then a female Amma devotee came up to me and asked me to come up on stage. As we were walking up the stage stairs I was wondering where she wanted me to sit. To my great surprise she sat me down right next to Amma! Wow! I was very happy and excited to be right next to Amma! I was on Amma's left side. Amma was seated in lotus posture and was wearing her usual white clothes. Her hair had an orange color and Her platform was yellow orange with little flower designs in the cloth. Amma grabbed my hand and asked "How are you doing?" I said "I'm doing fine, Amma." Then She asked "How was Florida?" I was surprised and thought to myself "How did She know I was recently in Florida?" Then I remembered that Amma knows everything and it was silly of me to be surprised. Then Amma said "I'm going to give you a hug to take you to the other shore." By the "other shore" I took it to mean enlightnement (in Buddhism, enlightenment is often referred to as the "other shore"). Then Amma gave me a nice hug. I remember Amma's voice being kind of muffled for some reason.


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