Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Amma Rocking

Dreamed I was at the registration table for an Amma retreat. They said since I was registering at the door, the cost would be $200. I said "No problem, price is no object." Then I was sitting in the darshan hall. I was trying to see Amma but there were some people in front of me and I was trying to look around them. There was some music playing and Amma was in Her darshan chair rocking from side to side. As Amma swung to Her left I was finally able to see Her. She looked very happy and much younger. She was very beautiful, especially her eyes which looked liked the eyes on an Indian fashion model. Some woman next to me was jabbering away so I got up and sat in a chair closer to Amma. Amma was giving a hug to someone and when they left there was no one else in line. I was surprised. Amma turned around in Her chair to a table that was behind Her. Then a woman came and gave Amma hug from behind. The woman's grown son was also there and he began to fondle one of Amma's breasts. I felt very nervous seeing this. Then I noticed that he was mentally disabled in some way so it was OK. Amma was not upset. At this point Amma was wearing a blue and white stripe western woman's blouse.


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