Friday, June 29, 2012

Two Elephants in a Ganesha Temple

Dreamed that some people took two elephants into a Ganesha shrine. One was dark gray and the other was a light tan color. Both elephants were decorated in the traditional Indian way with gold ornaments, jewelry, paint and tilaks (sacred markings with ash and vermillion). Then I saw both elephants laying on the ground on their bellies with their front legs stretched out in front of them and rear legs stretched out behind. They were facing the Ganesha murtis (statues) that were on the altar. The Ganesha statues were about 3 feet tall. Looked like there were 3 statues on the altar platform. The dark elephant was on Ganesha's right and the tan colored one was on Ganesha's left.

At one point I was standing near the elephants looking at the statues. Then the scene switched and I was standing near the statues looking at the elephants. The elephants were both gazing at the Ganesha statues with sincere devotion and love, and they looked very nice with all their decorations. This is the first dream I remember having about Ganesha.

Comment: Ganesha (the elephant headed god) is one of the many Hindu gods. If you're not familiar with Ganesha, do a google search. The story of Ganesha is very entertaining. Every morning and evening I make a little offering to the small Ganesha statue I have in my room.


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