Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Amma Dreams 2006 04 12

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2006 04 12: Dreamed that I was watching this long movie about a 3-4 yr old child avatar (avatar means "incarnation of God"). At the end of the movie He was brought to a rooftop terrace where all the people could see Him. He was shy at first & then He let everyone touch Him. Everyone loved the child avatar. I think there was another child there, like His sister.

2006 05 06: Dreamed that I was standing with Amma & a small group of people in an open space with a wooden floor. Amma told everyone to make groups of 3, but there weren't enough people, so Amma & I made a group of 2. We were standing with our arms outstretched holding hands like we were going to dance. Amma & I became like study partners during the retreat & I was very happy. At one point Amma & I were sitting on a sofa with me on Amma's left. I was looking at the scene from behind. I was feeling very affectionate & I was caressing the right hand side of Her neck. It felt SO SWEET to be cuddling w/ Amma. Amma seemed to really enjoy my caressing. Later on Amma & I were walking together w/ me on her Left side. I was watching the scene from behind. I started to caress Her neck again but Amma said "Hey Advait, don't get too attached to sensuous feelings." At one point Amma was trying to mediate some kind of conflict. Then Amma and I were looking down from a tall cliff at 2 white loons flying far below over the ocean. One of the loons flew close to the other and Amma said "OK, that means we have to comprimise."

2006 05 20: Dreamed I was in the main hall at Amritapuri with Amma. There were only a few people there. We were sitting near the Western Canteen. Amma was in Her darshan chair & I was sitting on the floor on Her left sorting some papers for recycling. Then everyone else left & it was just Amma & I. I was feeling a little confused about what to do. Amma also seemed a little confused with no devotees around. Then some devotees returned for darshan & I got in line on Amma's right. When I got close to Amma She put Her head near mine & asked "What happend to your rat-tail?" I replied I cut it off years ago. She said maybe I should grow it back. I was a little confused but also very happy to be near Amma.

2006 06 25. Dreamed that Amma arrived in the hall to give darshan and She came from some other event or meeting where she had to wear busines clothes including a skirt that was cut a little above Her knees. The skirt was a dark greenish-yellow color. There was dark wood paneling around Amma's darshan chair. As Amma was getting settled in Her chair, I got a brief glimpse that she was wearing some white knickers underneath Her skirt. I felt uncomfortable seeing that. Amma started to give darshan but then some pizza arrived. Then Amma was on the right side of the stage behind some columns eating Her pizza out of everyone's view. Amma & I were playing a little game of hide & seek while She was eating. Amma would stick Her head out from behind a column and I would lean out and catch Her looking at me. Then Amma would smile and quickly pull Her head back. At the end of our hide-and-seek game I blew Amma a kiss and She blew one back to me. I was happy. When Amma went back to Her darshan chair, Her body became old and frail. Some people nearby were concerned but Amma indicated She would give darshan no matter how frail Her body was. The people nearby were very happy about that. Then I was sleeping on the floor near Amma's right. Someone gave me some grape juice and I got up and sat in the front row. I was happy to be so close to Her.

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