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Amma Dreams 2005 07 07

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2005 07 07: Dreamed Amma, I and a few other people were walking thru this park. I was very happy to be with Amma. At one point Amma sat down at a picnic table and I washed Her feet. I felt so honored and blessed to be able to wash Her feet. I remember holding Her feet, seeing the brown skin with a few little bits of black stuff on them like ashes. I remember holding the water jug, pouring the water and washing them off. Then we went walking again and Amma was like a little girl playing around. I was walking a little bit ahead and when I turned a corner I felt tears come to my eyes because I was thinking how much Amma does for us. But I wanted to hide the tears so Amma couldn't see them. It was like She already knew my feelings and thoughts and there was no need to display them publically. Then Amma became a little girl about 5 or 6 years old and She was riding this big skateboard down the sidewalk. At one point She gently fell off the skateboard but I wasn't worried because I knew Amma was Divine and She could take care of Herself. Then one person in our group ask me to explain Amma to a couple that was passing by, but they didn't seem that interested. The couple was wearing dark purple shirts.

(Note: This dream above happened about a week or so before the Amma program in DC. A few months earlier I was told that I would be participating in one of the pada pujas at the program ("pada puja" is when we do a little ritual of washing Amma's feet as She walks into the hall; it is supposed to be VERY auspicious to wash the feet of a true guru). I found out a few weeks before this dream that I wouldn't be doing the pada puja, which created some dissapointment in me. Needless to say, all my dissapointment dissolved after the dream.)

2005 07 23: Dreamed I was walking along this beach boardwalk and behind me there was a staduim on the beach where an Amma program was going to begin soon. I got interested in this TV program in a shop and I was ignoring people who were telling me "Tom, Tom, Amma is about to come!" Finally it hit me (Oh my gosh!) and I turned around and ran toward the program. Amma had already walked thru the greeting line and I was dissapointed to miss it. Then I discovered I still had my shoes on and I was embarassed and took them off. And I thought "Now Amma will be mad at me." I saw some space right on the floor in front of Amma so I thought "What the heck, might as well sit here if no one minds." Amma's back was to the ocean. Then I felt really excited and blessed to be sitting right in front of Amma. I was sitting a little to Her right side. Soon She reached down with Her right hand and I got to touch Her hand. I felt happy. Then I noticed She looked different. She looked like a western woman with short hair, light skin and hazel eyes. I thought "Oh well, I guess Amma can appear however She chooses." Then Amma handed out some brochures with info on something I can't remember.

2005 07 29: Had this wonderful samadhi dream. I got up around 6am to use the bathroom. When I came back I tried to just focus on witnessing the experience of awareness. Usually I'm not able to do this for very long, but it seemed like Amma's grace was there and I was able to maintain the state for a while until I drifted off. Then I had this wonderful, long intense samadhi dream. (samadhi means blissful concentration). At one point I was riding in a car in the back pessenger seat looking out the window. It was kind of dark outside like very early morning. I was feeling this intense, blissful presence and my mind was empty. I was moaning blissfully a little bit and Terry (my younger brother) was there asking "What's up with Tom?". At another point I was in this room with a few other people. I was laying in the back of the room just staring at the floor and feeling this intense, blissful presence. People started walking by me. One young black woman stopped & looked into my eyes and said "Oh, it looks like he wants to do some gazing practice." and she looked deep in my eyes. She left after a while and the presence began to fade a little and my thoughts were coming back in.

2005 08 05: Dreamed I was in this dining hall sliding/skating along the floor in my sock feet. I saw Amma down the hall. I went to Her and asked about going to India and some other questions. She said now is an OK time to go. I felt good getting the confirmation. There was more to the dream but it slipped away.

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