Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Amma Dreams 2005 04 21

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2005 04 21: Dreamed I was drving thru the parking lot of this big shopping mall. At one end was a big art gallery with big windows. I looked in and could see some big pictures of Amma and flowers. I was excited to see the pictures. The gallery was on my left and some of the Amma pictures were like 10 or 12 feet high. Then I dreamed that Ford Co. was showing this funny self-deprecating commercial. And then Amma, I & some other devotees were walking thru the Ford building. Amma was changing shapes to look like different people. Amma and our group would stop at different places in the building and Amma would read a short spiritual teaching to the people there. Before this part of the dream I was laying in bed feeling a nice kind of deep sadness thinking how much I missed Amma. I was kind of moaning and crying but afraid I would wake up Jagadish. It felt good to let out those feelings.

2005 04 24: Dreamed that I was at this house that bordered a forest and some mountains. I started to fly and fly over the grass & over the trees and was feeling great. Then I flew into a bedroom where I saw myself asleep. I looked younger with hair and no beard. I was wearing a red pajama top. I decided to go and give my younger self a hug. My younger self got out of bed and we sat on the floor hugging each other with our right cheeks touching and the right sides of our chests pressed together. It felt good.

2005 06 07. (I dreamed this while flying on an airplane) Had a lucid dream where I was experiencing emptiness or pure consciousness, very powerful. Then in that same lucid state I was floating thru the airplane cabin experiencing all the souls or spirits of the passengers. Then was driving down this road seeing the spirit bodies of the trees. I saw one really huge tree with many trunks that reached all the way to heaven where it was a channel of spirit energy. Then the spirit of an old woman was right in front of me & tried to merge into me. I got scared and called out "Amma! Amma!" Very scary.

2005 06 20: Dreamed I was at this big Amma event and people where having these parades honoring Amma in the hall with different themes and costumes. Some lady lost her cushion and I tossed it back to her and she got mad at me for tossing it. When she turned around I gave her the thumbs down and someone saw me and I said "You're right, I shouldn't have done that." There was lots of confusion in the hall and I only caught a few glimpses of Amma. Seated next to me was a big gay transvestite who was coming on to me and I felt uncomfortable. It was a much longer dream and I only remember the tail end of it.

2005 06 22: Dreamed I was at this hotel where Neem Karoli Baba was staying with maybe about 10 or so other devotees. I felt good being around him. At one point he wanted to walk to another room and He wanted me to help support Him by holding his left arm. I kind of got my arm a little tangled up with His. When I let go of His arm I kind of pulled it a little bit. I felt a little bad for doing that and I gently rubbed and kissed His left arm so it would feel better. He was wearing white with pale green designs and He had a blanket around Him. Then He gave me a big hug with my head resting on His right shoulder and I started to cry and cry and it felt wonderful. I felt so blessed to be able to cry in His arms. Then I was sitting on a bed watching a glass cabinet in the room and I started to cry again. After a few minutes my crying was done and I felt kind of peaceful and quiet. Then Neem Karoli walked into the next room to go to sleep. He flopped down on the bed on His back and covered Himself from head to toe with the blanket on the bed. He seemed really tired. The light was still on so me and some other people went into His room to light some candles so we could turn off the room light. We were having a hard time lighting the candles. Our plan was to light the candles, turn off the room light and leave and Neem Karoli would blow out the candles using his mystical powers.

Home - http://ammadreams.blogspot.com/


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