Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Amma Dreams 2004 12 11

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2004 12 11: AMMA Dream. Dreamed that I was at this Amma event taking place in a house or retrat center. At one point 2 guys were arguing a little and I thought "Don't argue; Amma's here." Then were were laying down during the day and chanting the 108 Names of Amma. Then it was my turn to see Amma. She was laying in a bed that seemed to be outside in a pretty back yard with green grass, trees, blue sky and sunshine. I did a full prostration beside the bed on Amma's left hand side. She reaced down and started rubbing my back while I was in full prostration and I was thinking how unbelievably lucky I am. At one point I was sitting in a chair next to Amma's bed and then I thought "Oh, I need to sit lower." So I got out of the chair and sat on the floor next to Amma's bed and Amma was appreciating me. At another point Amma said "OK guys, don't fight." And I was thinking "OK guys, whatever Amma says, take it seriously!" Then Amma told me I had to go pick up some guy named "Ma Huang" who lived somewhere about an hour west of Poolesville, MD in a place called "Needham" or something. Ma Huang was the husband of some lady in the group. I remember they showed me a map and I said "OK, that looks familiar, I know how to get there." I was happy to be of service to Amma. I also vaguely remember being next to Amma and crying with devotion; felt really good. (Note, the night before this dream I had a long talk with Jagadish where the subjects of Ma Huang and devotion to Amma were discussed)

2005 01 14: AMMA Dream: Dreamed that I lined up in the middle of the line for Amma's darshan, but somehow I ended up way in the back. I didn't mind so much because I knew I would get darshan eventually. Then someone came and guided those of us in the back of the line to the front. I thought that was cool. I was in the line on Amma's right hand side and I was reading someone's book on nutrition. I was about the 5th in line. There weren't many people around Amma & I was hoping I could hang around Her after my darshan. When I went up for my darshan I strated crying a little bit when I was in Amma's arms (tears of sadness & joy). She whispered in my ear and when I leaned back She took my hands and kissed them. It felt really good to get Amma's blessing. Then I noticed I had my shirt off, so I went to the side and started to put the shirt and sweater on. I was a little embarrased without a shirt, but I also felt proud of my back muscles. I noticed it was someone else's shirt and the cuffs were small and kind of ripped. I just put my hands thru the rips. As I walked I was wondering if the owner of the shirt would see me wearing it, but I wasn't too worried. I was going to do some seva (selfless service).

2005 01 20: Dreamed that I was in this library looking for some children's books. I started reading this one book that had a picture of some very tall trees growing in front of this large cliff. I then went into the picture and climbed to the top of the cliff and sat on a ledge and looked out to the tall trees and the land far below. The trees were alive and had faces and people lived in them in tree houses. Then I became very scared of the height and wondered how I would get down. Then I just jumped off and started floating down. Then I was in this enlightenment school where they taught something like Alan Watts and Aldous Huxley ("The Island") teachings. After the teachings we all became enlightened and our minds were empty and very peaceful and spontaneous. Then we were all in this big gym and we all started off by holding hands and running around in long snakey lines. Then there was me and this other young person on a basketball court trying to make long distance shots. We were doing it just for fun and didn't really care if we actually made a basket.

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