Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Amma Dreams 2004 07 ??

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2004 07 ??: AMMA Dream. Dreamed I was in this small house where there was an Amma program. There were only a few people signed up. We went in and Amma arrived soon. There were only about 8 of us there and it felt wonderful to be with such a small group to get Amma's darshan.

2004 10 14: AMMA Dream: Dreamed that I was helping get the Amma RV van ready to go the next stop after Devi Bhava. The van was turning around and I saw Amma smiling in the front passenger seat. I had to dodge the van but Amma was smiling as if to say "Don't worry, we would never hit you." I was the last one into the van.

(Devi Bhava is a special program Amma gives on the last night of Her visit to a city)

2004 12 10: AMMA Dream: Dreamed I was at this house and one of the DC101 DJs was there (Greaseman?). (DC101 is a rock radio station in Washington, DC). At one point Amma led us all up into the attic and we had a nice time. Then the DC101 guy invited me to see some sexy videos but I soon was changing the channels because I didn't want to get tempted. At one point I said to him "My Mother told me to stay away from that sexy stuff." Then we were sitting at a kitchen table with Amma and Her eyes were very blue. She spoke a little about how She enjoyed going up into the attic with everyone. Then Amma got a call on Her cell phone. The word "OWNER" appeared on the phone and she asked "Who is this?" I explained what the word meant and then I realized Amma knows what it meant, She was just asking who it was. I felt embarrased for assuming Amma didn't know. At the kitchen table Amma was absorbed in bliss and kind of spacey, but She still tried to join us in our small talk. Then I was at my new house and these power lines were coming in. They fell off their poles and I had to make sure they weren't touching each other so I was trying to separate them. At one point I stepped on one of the cables and got a mild electrical buzz.

Home - http://ammadreams.blogspot.com/


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