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Amma Dreams 2004 03 04

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2004 03 04: Dreamed that I was watching this debate between Bush and Kerry & Kerry was doing pretty well. Then I felt this kind of psychological, mental anxious energy and pressure building up in me. After building very strongly for 2 or 3 seconds, it kind blew up with a flash of white light. Then I felt calm and peaceful.

2004 03 25: AMMA DREAM: Had this lucid dream where I was walking into a big hall with people walking around. Then I remembered in the dream that I could call for Amma, so I called "Amma! Amma!" Then I noticed it was an Amma hall with other people there. I went to Amma's chair and noticed someone else sitting there. They left and I bowed to Amma's chair and sat there. They made the hall dark so people would leave so they could get the hall ready for the next event. I was enjoying the lucid dream.

2004 04 29: AMMA DREAM: Dreamed I was at this Amma program and I was first in line. Amma was standing at a table and She said in perfect English "OK, everyone has to donate twice as much this time!" That was OK with me; I was happy being next to Amma. I started writing my check and I was thinking about how I could write it slowly so I could spend more time next to Amma.

2004 05 01: SPIRITUAL DREAM: Dreamed that it was a nice day and I went up to two women who were seated at a picnic table. It was a nice park area. I sat opposite them. One woman was dressed in white with her long black hair wrapped up in a white turban. She seemed like a guru. The other woman seemed older, was short and dressed in yellow. The woman in yellow reminded me of Dipa Ma. Both were very pure. I laid my head on the table and started really crying and it felt very good. They said "Oh, he's crying to let out all his old stuff." The woman in white asked me "Why do you want to follow me?" I said that I wanted ultimate enlightenment. She seemed satisfied with that answer. Periodically I would lay my head on the table and cry and that felt good. After a while we got up and walked away.

2004 06 20: SPIRITUAL DREAM: Dreamed that I was at this big meeting hall. It felt like an Amma gathering. They let us in and I ran toward the front near the the stage (the main stage was up some big stairs on my left). I ran around and up and got near the main stage which was a few stairs above me. On the main stage close to me was a young kid about 8 yrs old with blond hair & remarkable blue eyes. When he looked right at me I felt powerful awe and reverence like he was a great enlightened being. I felt so lucky to be so close to him. I held my right hand to my heart. He was toward my right and toward my left down below the huge hall was filling up with people. The enlightened kid then looked at another person near me. His eyes were now orange with green around the edges, and I thought how interesting that his eyes changed color.

2004 07 06: SPIRITUAL DREAM: Dreamed that I was at this gathering of people & I saw Prasad tapping foreheads with this African-American guy. (Prasad was a disciple of Papaji and a neo-advaita spiritual teacher I followed from 1997 to about 2000) They exchanged spiritual energy when their foreheads touched. I was kind if jealous because I also wanted to experience that. Then Prasad came to me and looked deep into my eyes and touched his forehead to mine. I went into bliss. Then Pam was there and she was also in bliss. The three of us sat down on a bench with Pam in the middle and we were sharing a group hug basking in the bliss. There was some kind of spiritual birthday dance going on in front of us with nice music.

2004 07 09: Dreamed that I was in a room with Amma & She was answering questions. She said that when a female becomes excited in a certain way, her vagina will give off something sweet. Then someone in the audience asked: "Like payasim?" (payasim is a sweet rice pudding). Amma said "Yeah, like that." Then someone asked "How will we know if its the real sweetness?" Amma replied "Well, the proof is in the pudding." We laughed. Then I wanted to ask some more questions, but something was wrong with my little handheld computer and I couldn't get to the questions.

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