Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Amma Dreams 2005 02 10

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2005 02 10: Dreamed about this very successful Amma ashram in a city. It was in a long 4 or 5 story building along the riverfront. It seemed to be a hilly city like Pittsburgh. On the front of the building was a big blue, yellow & green painting of Krishna playing His flute. Everyone in the ashram had a job with lots of good food and good community. Some social philosopher academic was there who was saying that his ideas were abstract, but looking at the ashram he was seeing the real future of the world. I was in the kitchen watching everyone happily cooking, chopping, working in the indoor gardens, etc. I was feeling out of place. At one point I asked someone "How do you clean this?" They wouldn't quite tell me and I was feeling kind of frustrated. I was watching carefully to see how people did things. I was feeling kind of left out. Then I was back at the Hoa Nghiem Pagoda asking one of the monks about the dinner schedule so I could make my plans. He got a little upset at me for being worried about when we eat.

2005 02 13: Dreamed I was working in the really big hotel kitchen that was in the bottom floor. I was full of energy and running around helping wash the dishes and do all kinds of things. Then I was back at my engineering job at Ft. Belvoir. Someone had given me a Playboy magazine and I was trying to hide it within a larger engineering magazine, but people kept coming around me so I couldn't look at the Playboy magazine. At one point I went to the bathroom and put the Playboy into the bottom of a trashcan. Then I was at this house and me and this other person were getting ready to go this this fancy event at the Thai embassy or someplace like that. Me and this other person (I think it was a young lady) were being treated a little bit like royalty. We were led out to a waiting car where the door was opened for us. I was led to the passenger seat in the back. It was a silver car like a Honda Civic or something. There was a fancy little pillow on the ground that I could step on as I was getting into the car. I noticed someone that looked like Padmini in the front seat. She was wearing white clothes with pastel light blue colors shaped like diffuse clouds. As I settled in to the back seat I looked over to the driver and was totally shocked and amazed to see that Amma was driving!! I was so happy! All I wanted to do was just look at Amma. Amma was in a silly, wacky mood. Amma looked into my mind and could see that "Jai Ambe" was one of the few songs I knew by heart. Amma started singing it in a silly voice as She was driving and following a car that was leading us to our destination. We were driving fast thru some city. At one point the car in front of us was going across the lanes and swerving around. At this point I was half awake and wanting to record this dream. I was reluctant to wake up because it was so great being with Amma.

2005 04 04: Dreamed I was at this Amma event. We were outside near the food tent & I had a plate full of food. Amma came by and gave us a quick greeting, but I wanted a more intense greeting. Then we got onto two busses. Amma was in the lead bus and I was in the bus behind. I was happy to be with Amma but I was looking forward to getting a more intense darshan.

2005 04 20: Dreamed I was at this big Amma event and there was going to be a big procession & I was on the stage. I was in a green & white striped sari. It was like Amma had died and I put my little stick into the bowl of dirt. I cried a little bit, but deep down I knew that Amma had not died. And then I was carrying big trays of corn muffins and handing them out to everyone at the tables.

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