Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Amma Dreams 2006 02 09

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2006 02 19: Dreamed that it was a beautiful dawn and I was walking around the base of Arunachula looking up at the peak thinking it wouldn't take too long to go to the top. (Arunachula is a holy mountain in southern India). I started climbing and soon I saw some hippie guy aksing me to come inside . I went inside thru an opening into this very beautiful fancy large house. We all went to this one room where some western male vajrayana monks in robes seated on sofas were going to give some teachings. Other people were bowing at their feet as they came in. I thought for a moment about my guru Amma & bowing to another teacher, but quickly decided it would be ok. I bowed & touched the feet of one (he showed me the botttom of his feet first). Then when I did the same to the next one, I felt very powerful devotional tears like when I dream of Amma & want to cry. It was a wonderful feeling. Then I sat down on the floor to the left of the 2 teachers sitting on the sofa. People were still coming in and I saw one of the teachers drawing a mandala with a pencil. Then I noticed I had sufficient time to get up & use the bathroom.

2006 02 24: Dreamed that I saw Amma sign this document declaring equal rights for all beings. Then lots of others signed it. Many other Amma devotees where there.

2006 03 30. Dreamed that I was walking with Amma in the front yard of my old house at Stutterford drive and She looked just like Joyce! (Joyce is my biological mother). I told Amma how amazing it was that she looked just like Joyce as we were walking toward the front door.

2006 04 03. Dreamed that I was in a car and we drove down this hill where there were lots of people gathered around a little group of stores (typical American strip mall stores). Amma was there standing next to Her van & looking around and we were all excited & happy to be near Her.

2006 04 11. Dreamed that I was in this dark house & I started floating thru the rooms. Then I floated outside & was flying close to the ground & looking at the houses. It was a wealthy neighborhood with fancy houses. Then I was flying up above the treetops and it was still a little dark. Then I became completely conscious and lucid. I was telling myself "I am TOTALLY conscious." I was excited. I looked up at some clouds & down at the trees & I KNEW I was looking. At one point I noticed I was flying in some kind of airship looking thru some big windows. I called out "Amma! Amma! Amma!" with lots of longing. She didn't appear & I was disappointed. I saw trees below become covered with thick puffy snow. Then I was back in a bedroom in bed & I woke up & saw 2 small frogs near my right cheek. They were Tim's & I was annoyed & shooed them away. Tim came in & I wanted to tell him about the dream but I couldn't turn off a radio next to my bed. Finally we had to unplug the battery power.

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