Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Amma Dreams 2005 12 19

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2005 12 09. Dreamed that I was sitting on a sofa with Amma watching comedy movie and She was also in the movie. She was like an older mentor to this goofy insecure guy in New York City who always pretended to know more then he really did (sound familiar?). At one point Amma and I were snuggling on the couch in front of the TV. I was SO happy & thinking how lucky I was to have private time with Amma! Later in the movie Amma has to leave the young man, and he becomes sad because he knew he was acting silly. There were scenes of cold grey skies in the city with sad music. But I was thinking this is a Hollywood movie and it will have a happy ending when the guy realizes his mistakes and Amma comes back.

2006 01 11. Dreamed that I was in this big, fancy house with Amma. Lots of blue colors & Amma was dressed in blue western clothes with a purse. The house was located somewhere near Springfield, VA. I was busy looking for a place to pee before we get on the bus to DC. At one point I'm walking thru a doorway and I suddenly see Amma in front of me. I quickly reach down and touch the floor near Her feet. I feel awed & humble to be close to Amma. Later Terry (my younger brother) & I are walking away from an Amma program. Terry is talking about how he really enjoyed the prgram & seeing Amma. I'm happy.

2006 02 04. Dreamed that I'm in a living room with 2 other Amma devotees. At one point Amma & I are sitting on a sofa with me on Her right. Then I move to another chair. I felt wonderful & awed to be near Amma. Her clothes were brilliant white like She was radiating light. Amma was getting us ready for some kind of next step. More stuff happened but I don't remember.

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