Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Amma Dreams 2005 11 25

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2005 11 25. Dreamed that I was at Rhoni Groff's place with other devotees waiting for Amma to come back from Europe. When Amma walked in thru the back door I was in front & I felt a lot of emotion. I did a full prostration to Her and She came closer and let me touch Her feet. I felt very blessed. When I got up I started crying with joy to see Amma & others were crying also. Later Amma walked away from us to go to Her room. As She walked away She took off Her top & I noticed Her back was very thick and muscular like She lifted weights. Then later I was laying down & Amma was pressing on my root chakra for about 5-10 minutes. Very powerful sensations! I felt pain and shakti flowing thru me like Amma was fixing something in my lower chakras. (The day before this dream someone was telling about a powerful shakti experience they had with Amma). Then I was in a bar feeling the aftereffects of Amma's shakti & kind of spaced out. I was thinking how a bar was such yucky place with lots of vasana triggers. Then the bar closed & I left with the other people.

Home - http://ammadreams.blogspot.com/


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