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Amma Dreams 2005 08 18

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2005 08 18: Dreamed that I was in the upper level of a bunk bed watching a TV program where the stars of a new TV program were being interviewed. They talked about how when they were young they would go visit Amma when She came to LA and how getting darshan was the "in" thing to do. I thought it was cool that Amma was becoming part of pop culture. Then I lay on my left side and closed my eyes to go to sleep and then it was like there was a light on. I opened my eyes but the room was dark and I realized the light was just in my head. I thought that was interesting. Then I was laying on my back and I felt this strong feeling like a strong electrical charge building around me. The charge energy spiked and I felt a big silent ZAP! I was kind of scared and the charged feeling was still around me. I said "Amma! Amma!" asking her to protect me.

2005 09 ??: Dreamed I was at this door which was covered in small rocks and I was working on getting the rock to spell "Amma". Then later I was talking with Tim (my older brother) about how Amma will be our best guide as the world goes thru many transitions.

2005 09 ??: (flying dream) Dreamed I was in this big school gym or cafeteria helping to set up for some event. Then for a long time I was sitting on this piece of wood flying around the room over the heads of everyone. It felt great and was lots of fun.

2005 09 14: Dreamed that I was at this meeting with Padmini and some other Amma devotees. We were discussing plans to make a movie about Amma. At one point Padmini said "I know I can sometimes come across as harsh and undiplomatic." I said "Well, keep talking and we'll see." I was being kind of a smartass and some other people there laughed at my comment. It felt good to say it - like I was protecting my boundaries. Then I was looking thru this Amma book and it had a picture of where She was born. There was a big tree in front of a small white house. It was daytime and the tree had garlands and other decorations on it. It reminded me of the Bodhi tree where the Buddha attained enlightenment. Then I started to cry because I was thinking how wonderful it was that Amma decided to take birth in this world. The crying felt good; lots of gratitude. I put the book away for a moment and then looked at it again and started to cry again.

2005 09 15: Dreamed that I was at this Amma program. Me & some other guys were in the cafeteria throwing a baseball and golf ball around. At one point one of the guys threw the golf ball fast and it bounced around over the heads of everyone and landed in an ice bucket. I felt that was kind of dangerous, but no one else seemed to mind. I was also keeping an eye on the darshan line. Just then a bunch of people came in and Amma said "OK, line up in front here!" I was eager to get darshan. Then I saw Amma giving darshan in Her underwear! As She gave me darshan She said it was OK for me to save money for trips to India and other satsangs. Darshan felt good.

2005 09 26: Dreamed I was walking with Amma to Her car. Amma was in a feisty mood. She got in the back seat on the drivers side and rolled down the window. As She was driving away She stuck out Her tounge like Kali. Amma had a long tounge! It was covered in shiny gold with a little bit of red. Then it was nightime and I was walking with Amma & two other guys to the home where She was staying. Amma was walking fast. I knew I couldn't go inside, so when Amma entered the home I turned around and headed back.

2005 10 08. Dreamed I was standing by the side of the road waiting for Amma to arrive. There was an ornange car in front followed by white car. Amma came out of the white car. I was very excited to see Amma. The first guy gets nice hug. Then Amma scolds me for not closing the car door & She walks away. I felt sad but it also felt good getting scolded by Amma.

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