Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Amma Statue and Kissing Amma's Feet.

Dreamed that I was in this workshop at a friend's house. It seemed it was their garage and it had a lot of tools and items related to carpentry and other handiwork. Their house was in the countryside of northern Virginia where I used to live.

My friend was making a small white statue of Amma. This statue would become one of the main icons of the worldwide Amma organization. Looked like the statue was made out of plaster of paris.

Then Amma came into the workshop and I was very surprised and happy. I felt a big wave of love and devotion come up in me. Then I fell to my knees on her left side and bent down and kissed Amma's feet. I wanted to kiss her feet longer but she moved away and had to go somewhere else. Very nice dream.


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