Thursday, September 14, 2017

Crying When I See Amma.

Dreamed I was at this Amma program and it was my turn for room darshan. I remember walking through the hotel to the correct room. I then walk through an empty white room and then into another large empty white room. In one corner of the room is Amma's room darshan area with some rugs, cushions and what look like puja items. I sit on one of the cushions and another western man is there with me and we're quietly waiting for Amma. My black foam pad that I usually sit on during bhajans is there and I'm happy no one took it. Then Amma walks in very cool and casual and she asked the other guy about one of his projects (At this point Amma is on my left hand side). Amma was in a good mood. I looked at Amma and I started crying and crying. I was so happy to see Amma! I was feeling lots of happiness and devotion. It was wonderful! Felt so good to be so close to my beloved Divine Mother. Amma gives me a very sweet look and patiently waits for me to stop crying. I'm looking forward to asking Amma some questions but then I wake up. Amma was wearing a white blouse and green pants. Amma's teeth were very crooked for some reason; don't know what that was about.

Comment: (in the real world) Later that day I get a darshan token and I'm waiting in the darshan line. At the back of the stage in the Big Hall is a really beautiful large painting of Krishna. It's really well done and I can't stop looking at Krishna's eyes! Very captivating. At one point Amma turns and briefly looks at me with a mischievous smile and waggles her eyebrows. I think she communicated something like "Yea, Krishna is way cool! And Krishna is inside me!"


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