Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Seeing Amma in the Car Behind Mine.

Dreamed that I was talking Tim or Teresa (my older brother and sister) about Terry (my younger brother) becoming a Buddhist. Then I was packing the car and I let down the back gate of the car without thinking and it almost hit the car that was parked behind my car. I looked into the other car and there was Amma in the passenger seat. I could see her very clearly. She was looking at the back gate to see if it had hit her car. She was not upset, just curious. I was feeling very embarrassed and frustrated at myself. Then I realized that my car was moving and I had left the driver's seat. Then Amma was standing outside my car and I stepped out and bowed down to her. I was surprised at how clearly I could see Amma, and I was frustrated at myself that I didn't take the opportunity to talk with her.


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