Thursday, May 25, 2017

Amma Needs to do Pujas to Handle Upcoming "Trimundis" and "Trimurgas".

Dreamed that I was asking Amma if I could get some "bicarbonate of soda" at the drug store. I needed it for some medical condition I had or for my anxiety. Then I was watching Amma in the drug store talking to the pharmacist lady. The pharmacist was also dressed in a white saree.

Then Amma walked out of the drug store and told me that it was OK for me to take the bicarbonate of soda medicine. She also said she was looking into the future and there were lots of "trimundis" or "trimurgas" coming and she had to do some big pujas (hindu rituals) in order to handle them. Apparently trimundis and trimurgas refer to some kind of upcoming global negative energies.

Then Amma bent over with her face close to her knees like she was in pain. I put my hand on her lower back to try and help relieve her pain. Amma now looked like a man and was wearing a gray shirt. Even though she was bent over she could still walk and I was happy she was taking the time to talk with me.

Comment: Google search: Apparently "murga" refers to some type of punishment that used to be done to boys in Indian schools. The boys had to stand up and then bend over face to knees in a painful way. I have no memory of ever hearing about this murga punishment previously.


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