Monday, January 04, 2016

Nice Hug and Holding Amma's Feet

Had a very nice Amma dream (this was my first Amma dream in a while). I was in this house with only a few other people there. Amma was there dressed in her usual bright white saree. She was sitting in a chair. I kneeled in front of her and touched her feet and she gave me a very sweet hug. I asked how about how I can get my mind to settle down and feel more relaxed. She gave me a nice answer that I can't remember. Then I held on to her feet some more.

Later Amma was standing up and hugging someone else. Then she said "OK, I gotta go." As she walked out her right leg was giving her some pain and she had to stretch it and shake it out.

I was feeling lots of love and appreciation in being so close to Amma.


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